The other side of the Taco Staffing solutions for property management companies in Texas

The other side of the Taco – Staffing solutions for property management companies in Texas

“Don’t mess with Texas” is a phrase that represents the essence of Texas. As the second largest state in the US, Texas has a strong economy and is attracting many new residents who have moved from other states to take advantage of the new opportunities that the state has to offer.

For property management properties, this means not just new opportunities, but a promising era of rapid growth in their client base. As more construction and multi-families are being developed to fulfill the growing needs in accommodation, the potential for success in the property management industry in Texas is truly exciting. 

But that blessed growth is not without its challenges. More tenants mean hiring more capable professionals to manage those properties. However, the availability of candidates for that industry is sometimes challenging. Salaries are traditionally low, and the skill set of those who apply is limited. 

Is there a unique and cost-effective way to recruit high-quality professionals? The answer is a resounding yes. By looking over the border and tapping into the rich talent pool of Mexico, you can bring a fresh and advantageous approach to your staffing needs. 

Mexico: A Unique Solution for Staffing Challenges

Texas is bordering with Mexico. The mutual history created a unique connection between the southern state and the country next door. With the average Texan eating Tex-Mex cuisine daily, the familiarity of Mexico in terms of culture is known. But could we use that base to benefit economically more than just a great taco? 

Let’s review what are some of the advantages of hiring in Mexico: 

Costs: Mexico is significantly more cost-effective than Texas. The cost of hiring in Mexico is 60% lower than in Texas. Those cost savings could be significant as your team grows. 

Candidate quality: Unlike in the US, any job working for a US-based company is lucrative for a Mexican candidate. That means that those types of jobs attract more candidates and are of higher quality. If, for the same position in the US, most candidates will only have a high school diploma, university degree candidates would apply for the same position in Mexico. 

Language: In terms of language proficiency, American candidates are typically only fluent in English, whereas Mexican candidates are often bilingual. Given that many of the building’s tenants speak Spanish, having a Spanish-speaking candidate would enhance the quality of service provided. Moreover, since many of the maintenance professionals also speak Spanish, having a team member to discuss issues in Spanish would prevent costly misunderstandings for the company.

Culture: Texas is heavily influenced by Mexican culture. Hiring an employee who understands the local culture can be advantageous for communication with tenants and co-workers, compared to hiring a remote team in countries like the Philippines.

48-hour week: In Mexico, the standard work week is 48 hours, which is longer than the work week in the US. This means you can work an extra day without paying overtime. For those in property management, having coverage for seven days a week can be challenging and expensive. However, the more extended work week in Mexico can help cover that extra day without breaking the bank.

Limited Legal Liability: Since the remote team is in Mexico, your company has limited legal liability to those employees. Depending on the legal structure that you would create in Mexico, your US entity would have little legal exposure, and in extreme cases, it could save you a lot of headaches. 

The advantages are clear, but what kind of positions could a Mexican team fulfill?

 For various reasons, a Mexican team could effectively fill remote positions such as maintenance coordinators, customer service, leasing agents, and accounting functions. By relocating these remote positions outside of the US, you can allocate more budget to hire better on-site professionals. 

How can I start recruiting my team in Mexico? 

The fastest, safest, and easiest way to hire remotely is to look for the right partner in Mexico. A great staffing agency can help you put together a great remote team from A to Z. 

What are the steps I should take to choose the right staffing agency?

When considering staffing agencies, it’s important to remember that not all are created equally. To ensure you choose the right partner, consider the following steps:

  1. Check their website – A professional agency should have a detailed description of their services. Make sure that what they offer is what you need:
    1. Recruitment: The agency should have a recruitment team that receives a job description of the position you are looking to hire and creates a pipeline of candidates 2-4 weeks after receiving it. 
    2. Facilities: Check that they have their own offices to host the new employees. We suggest starting your team in a physical office if you plan to work in Mexico. Managing a remote team can be challenging, and even more difficult to manage individual workers if they work from home. By having an office, your team can work in a dedicated space and develop the necessary internal relationships, which can help improve their performance.
    3. Legal entity: It doesn’t make sense to open a legal entity in Mexico for a small team (up to 25 employees). Ensure the agency has a Mexican legal entity under which the workers can work. Many companies need to decide whether to hire employees as freelancers. Our recommendation is to do something other than that – the reason is that in Mexico, the best candidates appreciate getting the benefits under Mexican laws, such as health insurance and housing funds (Infonavit). If you want to attract the best candidates, they need to be hired by the agency. 
    4. Payroll: Dealing with payroll in a different country is challenging. The best solution is to pay the invoice sent by the agency and have the agency take care of the employees’ payroll. In Mexico, employees are typically paid bi-monthly. 
  2. Interview the agency – there are a few topics you need to cover during a conversation with the agency:
    1. Services: As mentioned above, go over the services they offer.
    2. Locations: where are their offices located? There are a few reasons to ask for that information:
      1. Costs — expensive. Different cities in Mexico have varying employee costs; those bordering the US and Mexico City tend to be more expensive.
      2. Proximity to the US – Ideally, you would like a company whose office is a flight away from your HQ. The team you are building is your team and you would like to regularly visit them. You need to look for an accessible location. 
      3. Talent pool size — Bigger cities offer a wider variety of candidates. If you plan to grow your team rapidly, a bigger city will provide more candidates faster. 
    3. Processes: Make sure you understand how their recruitment process works. You are looking for an agency with a clear process and a proven track record. 
  3. Ask for references – Speaking with past or current clients can get you valuable information on the staffing agency’s performance level. Come prepared with questions about their processes and ease of working with the agency. Discuss the hurdles along the way and inquire how the agency handled it. 

Texas-based property management companies can benefit from recruiting in Mexico. This could lead to cost reduction, improved service quality, and reduced legal risk. To transform quickly, smoothly, and cost-effectively, it is recommended that you work with a great staffing agency like Wexpand. They can help with this process and offer a free consultation. Contact Wexpand to benefit from what Mexico has to offer.

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