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Find top notch talent + smart employee management in less than 12 days. We help international companies allocate, develop and manage their remote teams in Mexico.

Recruit your dream team!Want to know more?

Staffing Solution in Mexico City

Choose our service for expert management of remote teams in Mexico City. Access top-tier talent and resource allocation in less than 12 days, elevating your business to new heights

Recruit your dream team!Want to know more?

Why we do this?

Maximize Your Workforce with Talent Development in Mexico City

US businesses have been hiring skilled workers overseas for the past decade due to high demand, limited supply in the job market, and cost-cutting.

Upon this revelation, Wexpand devised a solution enabling remote teams in Mexico City, supported by our strategies and rigorous methodology. We replicate their work culture, secure competitively priced, high-caliber teams, while uplifting community quality of life.

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Tailor-made staffing solutions

What do we have to offer?

Recruitment solutions
Recruitment solutions

Building a team has never been faster, with Wexpand’s Multichannel platform we filter candidates, conduct interviews, apply phsycometric test, assesments and close the position. All in a blink of an eye!

360° BPO Management
360° BPO Management

We assist you to manage your teamwork, starting with the recruitment process to later help you with orientation sessions, and legal services. We also track the level of achievement and effectiveness of the candidates with our 360º employee evaluations. Let us take care of your remote team in Mexico City!

PEO - Payroll
PEO - Payroll

Wexpand simplifies payroll processing for remote teams in Mexico City and across Latin America. Our user-friendly solution handles calculations, benefits, taxes, payments, and more. Elevate employee well-being with personalized benefits!

Remote teams solutions in Mexico City

You haven’t found your ideal candidate? We have them, with our methodology and data we discover your next collaborator in only 12 business days!
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Wexpand Advantages: Benefits:

Why choose us?

Looking to allocate your team remotely but don’t know how to? No worries, we got you. 

Our smart employee management covers from recruitment, work culture, performance, to the administration and legal processes. Lay back and watch your team grow in 12 days, we do the rest

Still hesitating? We have the technology, strategies and expertise to help you put up your remote team in Mexico City.

12 business days recruiting process
12 business days recruiting process
Extensive data collection
Extensive data collection
Strategic partnership over the past five years
Strategic partnership over the past five years
+10 years on HR industry
+10 years on HR industry
Find your dream job

Key positions and areas

Recruitment strategy tailored to your needs, from costs to level of expertise, you name it, we do it!

With our extensive data collection, and our +50k points of contact, build your ideal team in a blink while saving up to 60% of cost.



Marketing manager, marketing analyst, social media manager, marketing product manager, etc.


Payroll manager, staff accountant, account executive, billing specialist, etc.
Contact Center

Contact Center

CX representative, CX success manager, product manager, etc.
The ideal remote team in Mexico City

Wexpand's Methodology

Our team has the knowledge and expertise to help you save up to 60% per position needed and recruit your rockstar team in 12 business days! All thanks to our formula: Extensive data collection + Smart Employee Management + Strategic Partnerships.

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  • Job Description
  • Market Research
  • Research of candidates
  • Candidate selection
  • Interview stage
  • Close Job Offer in 12 business days


  • Team introduction
  • Employee benefits, company policies, and procedures.
  • Training programs/workshops
  • Facility tour
  • Work station set-up

Work Culture

  • Employee experience
  • Cultural events
  • Team building events
  • Programs for learning and development


  • KPIS
  • Tracking performance system
  • Smart employee Management (SEM)
  • 360° evaluations


  • HR administration
  • Payroll process
  • Taxes
  • Social security
  • Contractors
  • Employee benefits


  • Worker’s compensation claims
  • Employment contracts
  • Record-keeping
  • Labor law compliance
  • Documentation and reporting

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