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Looking to develop a remote team but you don’t want your pockets to bleed? You’ve came to the right place.

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Remote teams in Mexico

Wexpand helps you with your cost reduction

With Wexpand you’re not only an email away from a pool of candidates ready to start rocking it, you also have access to at least a 60% of savings when hiring a new employee. Enjoy watching your team grow in 12 days without worrying about huge investments, and painful payment structures.

Learn how much you will save with Wexpand in comparison with recruiting your own team in the United States or even here in Mexico in an independent way.

Start saving now!

Accounting/Finance Positions

Looking for someone to run your numbers?

Name of Position New York Los Angeles Texas Wexpand
Sr. Accountant $102K $120K $140K $32K
Staff Accountant $75K $70K $68K $21K
Payroll Manager $135K $129K $117K $42K

Marketing/Creative Positions

Or what about and extra hand to manage your brand?

Name of Position New York Los Angeles Texas Wexpand
Graphic Designer $79k $75k $69k $14k
Social Media Manager $52K $50K $45K $15K
Marketing Manager $136K $130K $156K $21K

Customer Service Positions

Give voice to your customers, and leverage their experience with the correct customer service rep.

Name of Position New York Los Angeles Texas Wexpand
Customer Service Rep $44K $42K $38K $15K
Customer Success
$104K $109K $136K $26K

Important: All prices are per year. The upper charts function as examples. The previous information is subject to change depending on the requirements of the position.

All you need to know!

Frequently asked questions

Still having doubts about allying with Wexpand? Here are some of answers to our FAQ’s.

Don’t be shy, request that quote

Our 360º Smart Management includes payroll management, so there’s no need to hire any extra service. 

In case you are only looking for a payroll management service, we can also help you with that! You can take a look here to check out all our solutions and remember that we are 100% customizable.

There is no need to start with an army! We don’t mind if you start with one employee or 150 employees, the goal here is to help you build the ideal team for you.

Our service doesn’t end when the employee gets hired. We offer continuous feedback and evaluation regarding employee performance:

  • Weekly when they start the job.
  • Monthly after they have 1 month in the position.
  • 360º evaluation is available to be applied every 3 months to the employee and whenever the employee or customer needs us.

Yes, we are fully transparent with our charges. The set up is $700 dlls and is just a one time payment that covers:

  • Job Description
  • PPW
  • Work Space set up
  • The hiring of 1 fee

It entails the day-to-day operation with the employee, keeping them under our management software, keeping track of KPIS or evaluation forms, and assisting them in whatever they need: vacations, medical leave, hiring, layoff, etc.

No! We believe that the teams are as efficient in the office as they are in home office. Feel free to ask for our 3 modes: In-house, Hybrid and Home Office.

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