Unlock the potential of your property management business with remote teams and watch your profitability soar

Unlock the potential of your property management business with remote teams and watch your profitability soar

Ever pondered over the secret to business profitability? 

It results from astute decisions made by managers who strategically utilize resources to maximize revenues. Although this task may seem daunting, with the right strategies and tools, it can be overcome.

When considering property management companies, most people think increasing the number of doors would increase profit. That could be true, but having more clients doesn’t necessarily mean higher profits. Unlike revenues, profits are influenced directly by the set of processes implemented in the company. Inefficiencies would result in money lost and declining profitability.   

Cutting costs is the flip side of making more money (more doors = higher revenues). Unlike adding an extra dollar that would be taxed and have costs associated with making it, saving a dollar is one more dollar in the company’s profit. There are many ways to cut costs, but those cuts usually come with painful compromises. 

Nearshore Recruitment is a great way to cut costs, improve operations, and shift your company toward success without paying a significant price. 

What is nearshore recruitment?

Nearshore recruitment is recruitment outside the US in nearby countries such as Mexico. Essentially, it’s opening an office remotely for certain benefits. 

What are the benefits of a nearshore office?

  • Cost savings

The most compelling advantage of nearshore recruitment, particularly in countries like Mexico, is the significant cost savings. By hiring in Mexico, you could potentially reduce your costs by up to 60%. This is due to the disparity in GDP per capita, which is 10,500 USD in Mexico compared to 83,060 USD in the US (2024). The gap is still substantial even in Mexico’s major cities, where recruitment primarily occurs. This presents a golden opportunity for property management companies to make astute financial decisions and bolster their profitability.

  • Professional Recruitment

When recruiting in Mexico, you can rely on the expertise of local staffing agencies. These agencies deeply understand the market and can provide a rich pool of highly qualified candidates at reasonable costs. Their mastery of the recruitment process ensures a quick turnaround time and the selection of top-notch candidates. This is a game-changer for property management companies that often need help accessing such a high caliber of talent. By avoiding compromises on candidates, you can maintain a high standard of work quality and reduce turnover, ultimately saving money.

  • Legal Liability

One of an employer’s biggest nightmares in the US is being exposed to a labor lawsuit, which can be expensive and energy-draining. Working with a staffing company will significantly limit your liability to your employees. One of the staffing agency roles is to serve as an ‘employer of record’, providing you with a local legal entity that de facto hires the team.

  • Cultural and time zone alignment

Having a team that understands your culture means less training. You won’t have to teach them the basics of speaking with an American tenant and the expectations and standards from the tenant’s perspective. Having that team in the same time zone also means that your ability to control their activity is easy, and you don’t have a time gap between the offices. It feels like they are working next door. It also means it is a short flight away if you want to visit your team physically.

  • Enhanced Service Quality

Having qualified employees means better service. You would be happy, your tenants would be satisfied, and referrals on how great your property is would start flowing. A tenant’s recommendation is more vital than any advertisement and would be a great value for your business.

Overall cost savings, efficiency gains, and quality improvements would increase your competitive advantage. You would have the luxury of focusing on your core business—managing the property and creating new opportunities to serve other properties. Your competitors will try to figure out how you can improve your service while increasing your profitability. 

Choosing the right partner in Mexico to be your HR arm is essential to gaining that advantage. Wexpand is a professional staffing agency with offices around Mexico and the expertise to hire employees that fit your needs. Contact us to start the process now. 

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