Build your team with talent, not employees! In Wexpand we commit to help you find the ideal candidate for your team within 12 business days.

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Wexpand's Multichannel platform

Each day we receive hundreds of candidates, who register in our Wexpand’s Multichannel platform. Our experts and analysts filter their solicitudes to fulfill your company’s objectives and present you with the best talent for your business. How do we detect them?

Conduct Interviews

Conduct Interviews

To get to know the candidates, see how they develop, evaluate their qualifications and view first-hand their communication skills; these help us to assess if a candidate fits with the culture of your company or not.
Psychometric tests

Psychometric tests

We designed and applied them to evaluate a candidate’s cognitive abilities, personality traits, and other psychological characteristics. These can help discover a new skill that both the candidate and the company can work on.

Your rockstar team in a blink of an eye

It may seem that with the closure of your job offer, we end our collaboration, but wait, that’s not all. 

We want to help the candidate adequate to their new working environment as well as to monitor their performance to be sure they fit with all your expectations and further. That’s why we offer support to manage your team. We do not leave you alone!

360º guidance right here!

Selection based on your needs

Our Extensive data collection + Smart Employee Management is the perfect formula to find the candidate for the area and job offer you are looking for. We will not suggest spam CVs, all our proposals will be candidates that have skills, knowledge, experience, and talent perfect for your requirements.

Key Areas
Key Positions
Digital Marketing Specialist, Social Media Manager, Marketing Manager, Digital Media Manager, Copy Writter.
Back-office, Financial Analyst, Payroll Manager, Accounts Payable, Staff Accountant, Customer Service, Billing Specialist.
Customer Service:
Customer Support Representative, Tech Support, Customer Support Manager, Product Specialist.
Supply Chain Manager, Freight Agent, Transportation Analyst, Track and Tracing, logistics Engineer.
Particle element

Recruitment process in 12 business days!

What are you waiting for, our rates and expertise back us up. Make us your partner and integrate talent into your company in only 12 days.

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