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As a recruiter or a business owner you would know that finding the perfect talent to fill your position is easier said than done. Hours of interviews and long hiring processes can be exhausting and not to mention time-consuming.

Even worse, once you find your so-called “perfect match”, he or she ends up leaving after three months of working in your company, taking you back to the beginning with increased turnover costs. 

If this is your case, don’t panic because effective recruitment is possible, in this article we will go over five tips to help your company recruit top talent.

But first, let’s review the importance of recruitment and having the right talent in your company.


Why is talent important in an organization?


It is said that talent is the heart of every organization, without it even the biggest investment will fail. Being able to identify soft and hard skills in a candidate is crucial to making the right decision when hiring.

Choosing correctly not only reduces turnover costs but is also an investment in your company’s culture and growth. Every team member plays an important role within the organization.

In an article published by Forbes in 2017, it was mentioned that positioning talent as the key driver of business effectiveness required a change from the traditional job-based approach to organization design and management. 

This is why having the right tactics when hiring a new team member plus being able to design and implement talent management is key to ensuring your business’s success.


Employee Turnover: Causes and effects of losing talent


Employee turnover is an important concern for employers, it may have big effects on a company, if we don’t plan ahead. But what exactly is that?

Employee turnover is the total number of employees who leave an organization during a certain period, turnover is calculated over a period of time. 

They can take into consideration the entire organization or just a specific department.

There are many causes of employee turnover such as lack of growth opportunities, feeling burnt out and overworked, lack of recognition or feedback, routinary jobs, toxic management or work culture, competitive offers, or significant life events. 

Although the causes may vary, the impact it has on an organization is huge. High turnover impacts revenue, profitability, brand image, and work culture. It affects productivity levels and time management due to training.

In general, when an employee leaves, this means a loss for the company, no matter the size of it. 

Here are a few ways you can prevent this:


1. Plan ahead your talent strategy


Planning out your new positions is a very important step in the hiring process.

Taking the time to review:

  • budget
  • responsibilities
  • long-term functionality 

Is necessary to ensure a successful hiring process.


2. Employee referrals programs


Referral programs are a great opportunity to find great candidates while rewarding your employees for referring.


3. Prioritize intelligence over experience


There is amazing talent out there, but sometimes they don’t have a lot of work experience, but they have amazing skills such as attention to detail, leadership, problem-solving, etc. This is why you should prioritize skills over intelligence.


4. Onboarding program


A fundamental part of any hiring process is onboarding, it is important to set clear expectations and have an effective training system so your next team member has all the tools necessary to perform their job effectively.


5. Retention


This is the most important part of all, the best tip for recruiting team members is learning how to retain the talent you already have. Development programs and creating career paths is a great way to satisfy your team’s needs.

Creating team management strategies can ensure your company will be attracting the right talent while developing the existing one, a great company culture can really set you apart from your competitors.

Whether you are a small or medium company, working with HR partners can truly boost your overall employee experience. Check out our services and learn how your company can reduce its turnover costs while creating a team of A-players.

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4 thoughts on “Talent: Top 5 tips for recruiting”

  1. I thought it was interesting when you talked about how planning out your positions is very important when looking for new employees. I would imagine that planning your strategies would make it hard to take the time to find new employees. Using a recruitment agency could make it easier on your schedule when trying to find people to hire.

    1. Totally agree Thomas. Focusing on your core business while recruiting can surely be time consuming. With Wexpand, outsourcing recruitment processes, apart from letting you focus on your business, can minimize your payroll costs, acquiring the best talent that fits your company.

  2. My startup business has been doing well recently, so I was thinking that this seems like the best time to hire new employees to help with the workload. It’s great that you mentioned how it would be best to take into consideration the employee’s long-term functionality when you’re hiring so you can avoid employee turnover in the future. I’ll keep this in mind while I look for a professional recruiting agency that can help me with the hiring process.

    1. Thanks for reading our blog post, Anna. Feel free to contact us at any time. We would love to collaborate with you and work towards the development of your company.

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