How to build a healthy work culture


How to build a healthy work culture


Oftentimes businesses overlook the importance of creating a healthy work culture. In recent years, organizations have invested more time and resources into building a healthy work culture for their teams.

By doing this, leaders have found that many aspects of their operations have significantly improved. Caring for your team and their development in your company will create long-lasting relationships and employee satisfaction.

But to be able to achieve this, we first need to understand what it is and how it can impact a business.


What is work culture


According to MSG, work culture also known as work atmosphere is the ideologies and principles of an organization as well as the beliefs thought processes, and attitudes of employees. 

Work culture is the mentality of the employees that further decides the environment of the organization. A business is said to have a healthy work culture when employee satisfaction is high and employees adhere to company guidelines.

To ensure your business has a healthy work culture you should implement strategies focused on team building and collaboration this way even the most introverted member of the team feels united with the rest of the team members.


Why should employers care about work culture


Work culture says a lot about a business.  A study by Glassdoor shows that 77% of respondents would consider a company’s culture before applying for a job. This same study shows that millenials are more likely to care about work culture than salary. 

Companies that have a clear vision and mission statement their employee turnover rate is lower than the companies that don’t. Having a solid culture is critical for attracting and retaining top talent in a competitive market. 

Work culture is just as important as development and career plans for an employee. Feeling comfortable in the workspace can bring a lot of benefits to a team and consecuently to a business.


How can workplace culture benefit my business


We’ve spoken about the importance of work culture for employers but what are the real benefits of healthy work culture for your business? 

  1. Reduces employee turnover
  2. Increases productivity 
  3. Building a solid team 
  4. Helps attract top talent
  5. Increases engagement

The every work life is strongly influenced by work culture. By taking care of your team you are taking care of your business. 

Teams that work together are more productive and effective, therefore creating a healthy work culture in your organization is key to success.


Workplace culture strategies


In order to create a healthy work culture, we recommend you to implement the following strategies.


Promote teamwork


This is probably one of the most important factors that will promote a healthy work culture. Creating spaces where teams can collaborate will generate trust and satisfaction within your team.


Develop transparency 


Transparency is essential to create a healthy work culture. This is strongly related to trust and motivation. Being open with your employees about your business will ensure smoother and steadier operations.


Reward your employees


Acknowledging when your team members are doing things right and rewarding them for it is a huge motivator. Encouraging your team to be self driven but celebrating their wins, will increase loyalty and retain top talent.


Incorporate flexibility


Work trends are changing and businesses need to adapt to these new trends. Flexibility can provide employees with work-life balance and can boost their productivity. Top companies are implementing hybrid work schedules to provide flexibility to their employees.


Provide feedback


The only way anyone can grow is by learning from their achievements and areas of improvement. Providing constant feedback will ensure your team works towards their goals while developing their skills.


Interested to learn more about creating a healthy work culture?


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