Recruitment: Five ways to become a top employer


What is the secret behind employers of choice? To become a top employer or employer of choice, companies need to invest time and energy in projects that will benefit the lives of their employees.

A study by Gallup revealed that income and benefits, greater work-life balance, better personal well-being, and job security are key factors in accepting a new job offer.

Top employers seem to attract top-notch talent and create the best programs to benefit their entire organization.

Here are five ways to take your company to the next level and become a top employer.

  • Provide Job Security to your employees

As an employee, having a job that you know you are not at risk of losing any time soon is worth more than money. Job stability is one of the most important factors that will make you a top employer.

In order to provide job security, employers must work to implement talent management strategies that will both ensure your team’s productivity and will guarantee employee satisfaction.

Management can do a lot of things to promote job security for their employees. We recommend looking for every team member’s strengths and unique talents and focusing their efforts on the tasks they can do best. 

Another tip for promoting job security is to stand by your team through rough times. Top employers identify when their employees are going through tough times and encourage them to do their best to overcome obstacles.

  • Create a work culture that your employees can promote

Work culture is such an important aspect of any organization. It is a deal breaker between being an average and top employer. Work culture starts the moment a new employee walks through the doors of your organization. 

Work culture is the mentality of the employees that further decides the environment of the organization. Top employer organizations are said to have a healthy work culture when employee satisfaction is high and employees adhere to company guidelines.

To ensure your business has a healthy work culture you should implement strategies focused on team building and collaboration. This way even the most introverted member of the team feels united with the rest of the team members.

When your employees feel comfortable and valued in their workplace that will lead to them promoting your culture and values.

  • Recognition and promotion are key

Acknowledging when your team members are doing things right and rewarding them for it is a huge motivator. Encouraging your team to be self-driven but celebrating their wins, will increase loyalty and retain top talent.

Providing feedback is necessary to let employees know their strong areas and where they need to improve. One of the most powerful forms of feedback is recognition. For a top employer, recognition and promotion are tools to reinforce positive performance and to encourage the rest of the team to follow after their steps.

There are many ways to implement recognition. From leaving notes on your employee’s desks, celebrating milestones in your weekly newsletter, and sending encouraging emails. 

  • Promote work-life balance

Times have changed, and after going through one or several lockdowns, employees started realizing the importance of work-life balance.

Having flexible work modalities or even schedules guarantees employee satisfaction. Many countries have made a change in their work schedules allowing employees to achieve work-life balance.

Top employers all have one thing in common, their workforce is engaged and happy with their job. Top employers offer the benefits of working from home, parental leave, vacations PTO (paid time off), and hybrid models.

  • Stick to your values

In conclusion, be true to your values. There is nothing more disappointing than working for a company that doesn’t respect or represent its values. To become a top employer, companies must represent their values first.

To create a committed team that shares your company values, you need to stick to them through thick and thin. This way, your brand will be more solid and reliable. 


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