Top Talent: How to attract it to your organization?

A multicultural team working on a strategy to attract top talent to their organization

The rapid changes in the industries and the rise in the use of technologies are forcing companies to come up with new strategies to attract top talent to their organizations.

Every company is looking to craft the perfect team to be able to increase productivity and ensure overall growth.

Top talent not only guarantees productivity but also promotes workplace culture. 

How does having the right talent impact your company?


“Great vision without great people is irrelevant.” 

-Jim Collins, Lecturer and Author of Good to Great

Making the right decision when hiring a new employee is crucial to ensure overall success. Not only does the right talent represent more productivity, but it can also ensure building an amazing workplace culture. It reduces turnover costs that otherwise would be wasted when hiring the wrong people. 

Without talent an organization cannot grow and evolve, allowing the right leaders to grow and take ownership of their work is the key to success. A study conducted by the Journal of Human Resources and Leadership found that managers should realize that recruiting and developing talented staff is crucial to ensure the success of their business objectives.

It is necessary to seek employees with competencies and abilities that can contribute significantly to their work teams. But which are the best strategies to attract top talent


Building an effective recruitment process to attract and retain talent


 As businesses, industries, and necessities change, it is important to create an effective recruitment strategy that evolves along with them. Trying to attract top talent can seem like a difficult task, nevertheless building a recruitment process will guarantee the path to success.

Here are a few steps on how you can achieve a successful recruitment process to attract top talent:

Identify the needs of your company

As simple as it sounds this step is crucial. It is important to establish which are the needs of the company to be able to find the correct candidate that fills those needs.

We recommend creating a detailed Job description to specify responsibilities, and functions of the position.

Use technology to your advantage

There are many amazing tools you can use to manage your talent pipeline, keep their documentation in one place, effectively evaluate and hire and retain the best talent.

These tools can help you out to make your recruitment process more effective. Some of these tools have customized tests to measure the candidate’s skills and software knowledge.

Another successful way to attract top talent is with the use of Recruitment Marketing Strategies to create brand awareness and to spark interest in your future candidates.


Identify the right talent

Once we have a detailed job description, a talent pipeline, and the help of a Talent Acquisition Platform, we face the most challenging part, identifying the right talent. The ideal candidate not only should be experienced in the role, but also match your workplace culture. 

Our experience has taught us that sharing the same values and mission is key to finding the right talent. You should look for someone proactive with a strong work ethic that is not afraid to think outside the box.

Don’t be afraid to welcome new ideas.


Retain your talent!

As we mentioned earlier, the cost of employee turnover can truly affect companies.

There is a huge demand for candidates who can properly adapt to change, be leaders, and who can constantly learn new skills and software. The problem companies are facing, is their lack of management skills to keep them on board. 

Employers must be able to create effective training, onboarding, and development programs for their employees, they must keep them engaged and listen to their needs as well.

Communication is essential when retaining talent because it not only helps to set expectations with our employees but it also allows for recognition. 

Helping managers learn team management strategies can also be an effective way to retain employees.

Talent Acquisition strategies

Implementing these Talent Acquisition strategies will ensure success when hiring top talent. The help of technology, a correct hiring process will take you one step further into building your desired team.  

Also, your productivity will increase, reducing the time spent looking for new members and employee turnover costs. 

If you are looking to build the perfect team, discover how we can help attract top talent to your organization.

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