2022: The Talent Management Trends

Manager of a team sharing the 2022 trends of human and talent management.

It is fair to say that the last couple of years really changed the game for HR departments. Hybrid and remote working models, talent rotation, burnout and stress, have been factors that have truly affected the Talent Management Trends. 

Talent management trends have changed as well due to COVID-19.

HR departments have had to learn new techniques to create a healthy work structure while listening to their team’s needs and demands. Businesses that have rigid processes are more likely to suffer from talent loss.

Times have changed and the voice of our team is important. Employees are demanding more transparency and accountability for ethical issues such as work ethics and sustainability. 

Learning about the upcoming talent management trends in  2022 is crucial to ensure your business’s success and your team’s satisfaction. Here are 6 important trends you should review:


Hybrid Workspaces


At first many companies thought that remote work would be a temporary thing, two years later we know for a fact that it is here to stay. 

Employees and CEOs across the world have realized the benefits and the value of working from home. Implementing hybrid or remote workspaces for your team can be a deal-breaker when trying to attract new talent or retain the existing one.

Many studies have shown that working from home has increased the levels of productivity in many businesses and it has become the preferred working model of employees across the globe.

Hybrid and remote work options have become the main talent management trend in 2022.


Healthy Work Culture


Culture is one of the most important parts of a company. Communication, engagement, and interactions play a crucial role in employee experience. 

Remote and hybrid working models have presented a new challenge for events, interactions, and communication. The culture a company sustains has become a huge competitive advantage. 

Many companies have created different applications and software to improve your company’s culture. Having weekly activities where your team can engage and co-create is super important to create a healthy work culture.




Sitting in front of a computer from 9-5 is detrimental to your employee’s mental health. Being flexible on schedule and how you measure your team’s performance is super important.

Many companies have ditched rigid schedules and have turned to work towards goals instead. This allows your team to manage their time more wisely and helps them with life/work balance.


Training and development


Another HR function that is essential not only to your business but also to your team’s satisfaction is training and development.

Evaluating your team’s performance can help you realize their strong skills and areas of opportunities. Finding courses and different resources that can help them improve their skills will impact not only their performance but also your entire organization.


Artificial Intelligence


Automate your internal processes to keep your information in the same place and make every operation hassle-free.

Artificial intelligence can be a great resource to many areas of HR such as recruiting, onboarding, retaining, performance analysis, and training.

Implementing AI in your HR department will help your team make better choices based on data.


Innovative Recruitment Strategies


Your recruitment strategy is the most important part of attracting the right talent for your company. Therefore, planning out the type of profile you are looking for is essential and one of the biggest talent management trends.

Here’s a list of new recruitment strategies that can help out your HR department:

  1. Focusing on transferable skills or certification rather than a degree is a new trend that has worked wonders for companies. 
  2. Identifying talent within your organization and developing it.
  3. Shortening recruitment times, ditch lengthy and complicated processes. 
  4. Expand your talent pool, look for talent outside your borders. Recruiting internationally has proved effective in finding amazing candidates.
  5. Recruitment based on culture fit. 

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