10 HR Must-Haves to grow your business


Managing a growing business isn’t an easy task, in fact, many companies find themselves struggling to handle recruitment processes and employee management. Learning about HR must-haves is essential to handle these challenges like a pro.


Coming up with a smart strategy that incorporates recruitment, compensation plans, learning and development, and team-building events will help you attract the talent your company needs.


Whether you have a small or medium company, incorporating the following must-haves in your HR department will not only save you time and resources, it will guarantee overall growth.


Here’s a list of 10 HR must-haves you need to incorporate into your HR strategy:


An agile recruitment process


Long and exhausting recruitment processes are outdated. This is why companies are opting to make a change. Implementing efficient methods to improve recruitment is just what your company needs.


There are many tips to improve your recruitment strategy, but the one we recommend the most is to look for HR management tools that will help you track your candidates and automate your recruitment.


Benefit and compensation plans


Implementing benefit and compensation plans is a main must-have when retaining employees and reducing turnover. 


One of the main causes of employee turnover is a lack of growth opportunities and a lack of recognition or feedback. Compensation plans help your employees feel more recognized and valued in your organization.

Attendance and remote work policy

If your organization works remotely, then you know the challenges you may sometimes face with attendance and punctuality. This is why you must have attendance and remote work policies. 

Forget about micromanaging by setting clear expectations about punctuality and remote work. 


Management tools


These tools are a savior even if you don’t think of yourself as a tech-savvy person. Project management software can help you track your team’s progress in real-time. 


Whether you manage your team remotely or in your office, these programs can save you time to let you focus on your operation.


A solid Payroll system


There’s nothing more gratifying than receiving your paycheck. We all know it. Therefore, having a solid system that can minimize errors on your payroll will keep you out of trouble.


There are many HR programs that can automate your payroll, to reduce errors. If you don’t feel like hiring this type of software, you can take this task into your own hands, and create an efficient process.


Team building events


Engaging with your team is crucial to improving your work culture. This is one of our favorite HR must-haves. This is your moment to get creative and research activities and dynamics that will help you connect with your team.


Yoga sessions, mystery games, problem-solving games are great ideas to make your team-building events memorable.


Training and development programs


Employees need development, whether to learn a new skill or to polish their knowledge. Employees that are not offered training in their workspaces are likely to last much less in your company. 




People grow and evolve, and their workspaces should allow them and encourage them to do so. This will guarantee that your team is not only highly qualified but also satisfied with their work.


Internal Communication Programs

Effective communication can set apart your company from the rest. By engaging with your employees, they will understand the mission of your organization improving their sense of belonging.


Try bulleting boards and graphic newsletters to communicate news to your team


Competitive rewards

Salary isn’t the only compensation your team will value. Having different competitive rewards like food coupons, discounts or PTO can be a way to attract talented employees and retain our team as well.


Implementing these rewards can really set you apart from your competition. One thing you should not forget is that a happy team will guarantee growth and prosperity to your company.


 Brainstorming sessions with teams


This must-have is oriented to help you connect with your team and co-create with them. Have you ever faced a challenge where you simply could not find an answer? Hosting brainstorming sessions with your team can help you find a solution creatively.


Hearing your team’s perspective can increase your engagement with them and come up with great ideas.


Is handling HR too demanding for your operations?

Leave it to the experts! Find more about our services and learn how we incorporate these must-haves into our daily operations. We help small and medium businesses concentrate on their core business while we take care of the rest!

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