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By working alongside Wexpand we help you create a community with the unique talent you’ll find in your remote team in Mexico.

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Recently, companies have increasingly turned to international talent sourcing to meet the high demand in their domestic market. 

We have developed a solution that allows these companies to establish their ideal remote teams in Mexico, leveraging our strategic approach and qualified methodology.

Wexpand is an all-inclusive HR & Work-Space management firm, whose purpose is to help companies recruit their ideal workforce here in Mexico. 

We also offer management solutions by integrating our avant-garde technology allowing our clients to focus on what is most important: growing their businesses. We got your back!

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Why us and not other companies?

We are located in the most important tech hub city in Mexico, Guadalajara. Here we have the opportunity to access the best talent for your company. 

In addition, we know that day by day business changes and with it the staff solutions, that is why we are proud of our constant innovation and optimization of our solutions, from our platform to recruiting talent to payroll management.

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Wexpand's Methodology

We will be by your side in every step from the candidate selection all the way to tracking their development, and if you need so, we also can handle legal and administrative management. We wish your company success that’s why we develop a top notch methodology to help you achieve it.

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Work alongside Wexpand, and let us help you create a community with the unique talent you’ll find in your remote teams in Mexico.

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