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Wexpand is an all-inclusive HR & Work-Space management firm, helping mid-size companies by recruiting a high-quality workforce, and managing their teams with our avant-garde technology and state-of-the-art work-spaces, allowing our clients to focus on what is most important, growing their businesses.


Why choose our
nearshore location?

Guadalajara is the most important tech hub in Mexico; its accessibility and diversity make it an amazing option for all kinds of businesses.

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Some of the top reasons why you should build
your operation here are:

Cost Saving

Zero Liability

Convenience Time Zone

Grow with your
dedicated team

We carefully select the right talent according to your needs and operation’s strategy


Sales Development Representative
Sales Agent
Customer Service
Quality Analyst

Back Office

Billing Analyst
Data Analyst
Office Clerk


Digital Marketing Analyst
Community Manager
Graphic Design
Video Edito

IT Support

Front-End Developer
Back-End Developer
Service Desk Analyst
Database Analyst
Full-Stack Developer
UX-UI Designer
Web Developer

We connect, learn and grow
through our clients’ success.

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Real Cost Effective Service.